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Arulmigu Subramanya Swamy - Chennimalai

     With the specialities of Moorthy, thalam and tirtham, in Kongu Nadu, Erode district, Arulmigu Subramanya Swamy Temple-Chennimalai is situated at 30 km on Erode to Dharapuram route, and 13 Kms from Perundurai. This is a Hill temple. At the hill temple, the pooja and Festivities are conducted according to Karana, Kamiga and Aagama rules and regulations by Archagas belonging to Markandeya Gothra.Once upon a time Anandan a.k.a Nagarjuna and Vayu Deva were contending that each of them to be superiorand important. So there was a fight between them to prove their strength. When Anandan embraced Mahameru (Big hill) and held firmly, Vayu Deva responded by blowing strongly. As a result, head (Peak) of Mahameru was blown away and fell at Poondurai(Today’s Perundurai) town. This peak of Mahameru is known as Sira giri, Sigara giri, Pushpa giri, Makutagiri or Chennimalai(The head of hills).

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Arulmigu Bannari Mariamman Temple - Sathyamangalam

     People of past had witnessed the wonderful sight of tigers and cows quenching their thirst at the same spot of the river. Cowherds used to drive the cattle to the fields jeer for grazing. The cows fed on the grass found in plenty here. These cows were driven back to the stables at dusk. The cowherds used to extract milk form the udder of each cow and hand over the collected Milk to the owners of the cows. One particular cow did not allow the cowherd to get milk, nor did it allow its calf to go near it. Around 300 years ago, the dana Nayakkan or Dhandanyakkan forest you all know now its been called as “BANNARI”. This name Bannari for this great historical place origined because of the great temple “Bannari Amman Temple”.

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Arulmigu Periya Mariamman Temple - Erode

     Periamariamman Temple is situated at heart of the Erode Town. According to ‘Hindu Mythology’ Mariamman is the ‘Queen godess’ having ‘Her’ own dynasity where ‘she’ is situated further having the power to eradicate the illness due to excessive heat like small pox, chicken pox, high temperature. Hence, ‘Periamariamman’ is worshipped commonly without any caste, creed, religion differenciation. Before 1200 years ‘Kongu Cholas’ formed this temple. The area of the temple is 3500 sq.ft. The entire temple is renovated in the year 1969 by devotees. An Every year puratasi Month Conducting 9 Days Navarathri Festival this temple..At this Time Each days Amman Dharisanam Different views.1.Meenakshi 2.Kamatchi 3.Kasi Visalakshi 4.Deepa Lakshmi 5.Sorna lakshmi 6.Sri galalakshmi 7.Sri sagambari 8.Sri Rajarajeswari 9.Sri saraswati.

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Arulmigu Thambi Kalai Ayyan Temple - Kanjikovil

     Kanji kovil has well connected with the District capital Erode by means of Town busses run by government and private sectors.It also connected with nearby towns Chithode, Nasiyanur, Perundurai and Kavinda padi by buses. It has connected with the following Road facilities.Arulmigu Thambi Kalai Ayyan Temple Arulmigu Thambi Kalai Ayyan koil SH 175 - Connecting Erode and Thingalur run thro' the town Panchayat Union roads connecting Perundurai, Kavinda padi and Chitthode. Nearest airport is Coimbatore is about 85 km from the town and the nearest railway station is Erode Junction is about 15 km from the town.

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Arulmigu Bhavani Sangameshwarar Temple - Bhavani

     Bhavani Sangameshwarar Temple is an ancient one. The confluence of three rivers Kaveri, and amirtha nathi meet at one place of the temple. So the place of bhavani Eswarar is called as Sangameshwarar. The place of bhavani is called as nayanmar’s songs as Thirunana. The holy temple was praised by nayanmar Thirunanasampathar and Thiruppugal Arunagirinathar. This places is known as parikar Thalam. So in the south of the temple place of koodudurai the purokits (priests) performing poojas ie; parikara like nagadhosa, Sevvaidhosa, Marriage dhosa, Navagraha dhosa and other dhosas. This place bhavani is situated in Erode District. The nearest Railway station at bhavani is Erode which is away from 16 k.m. and the nearest Airport at Coimbatore is 100 k.m. away from bhavani and bus station of Bhavani is away from 1 K.m. from the temple. Car, bus, auto facilities are there to reach the temple. The foreigners of the tourists and north and south Indian peoples from Maharastra, Gujarat, Orissa, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhrapradesh who visited the place of bhavani temple and worshipped the lord Sangameshwarar and got blessings of the Lord.

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