Arulmigu Magudeshwarar & Veeranarayanapperumaal Temple - History

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     This temple is a Mummoorthi Temple and so containing the deities of Brahma, Magudeshwarar, Veeranarayanapperumaal.

     The Goddess part is Soundhraambigai. Lord Brahma of this temple has no goddess part. The name of Mahavishnu in this temple is Veeranarayanapperumaal with the Goddess part called various names as Thirumangai Nachiyar and Mahalakshmi. Lord Magudeshwarar of destructive duty, Veeranarayanapperumaal of Protective duty and Brahma of creative duty are the trinity of Hindu spirituality system.

     This sthalam is fullfilled with Mummoorthy and Theertham named as Bharadhwaja Theertham, Brahma Theertham, Deva Theertham and Kavery Theertham.Lord Magudeshwarar is called in various names as Paandi Kodumudi Nathar, Malaikozhundheesar ,Magudalingar,kodumudeshwarar ect. Sacred Tree of this temple is Vanni Tree (The tree is a 3000 year old living tree and its leaf are using in kavadi theertham).

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